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Touched by a Horse

What the Heck is Gestalt?

Gestalt theory is about wholeness, but its complexity has perplexed many trying to understand and apply the concepts—until now. What the Heck Is Gestalt? is an accessible, practical look at Gestalt and its applications to everyday life from a longtime practitioner and the seminal leader in applying it to not only coaching, but equine partnered therapy and coaching. Melisa Pearce’s experiences, stories, and examples help make this a useable, friendly, and constructive guide to Gestalt that stands to improve your relationships . . . especially with yourself!

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Whispers from a Horses Heart Card Deck

The inspiration and guidance that is offered on the cards will encourage you to reflect upon your dreams, desires, and challenges. Every day, just pick a card that appeals to you in that moment and read its message. You will be amazed with just how appropriate the message is to what you are feeling or dealign with. They often provide you with comfort as well as reaffirm your actions and decisions. This deck features the artwork of the amazing Jan Taylor.

You will be delighted reading the in-depth, prophetic messages from the rest of the herd. 52 Beautiful horses and messages await. 


Touched by a Horse Inspirational Journal

Take note of your thoughts and personal growth in this beautiful and inspiring journal.

Melisa created this Inspirational Journal as a companion to the Whispers from a Horse's Heart card deck. She chose nine cards with deep, meditative meanings so you can journal what is whispered on to your heart by the spirit of Equus. 

The journal has nine sections, each with a different pastel color. Each section begins with a card and additional thoughts from Melisa to help you explore the theme of the card in more depth. Writing pages with accompanying prompts follow the text so you can record your own thoughts and explorations.

The Touched by a Horse Inspirational Journal features specially chosen, high grade writing paper to make your journaling experience as satisfying physically as it does spiritually and emotionally. 


You love your horse — now get to know him better!

What if you knew your horse’s personality and temperament?

Well, you can, thanks to Equusology. Equusology is the art of human-equine relationship. Until now, there were plenty of personality tests for humans, but nothing that helped humans understand their own personality and that of their horses. Equusology does just that. The entertaining Equusology text, questionnaires, stories, and examples bring humans and their equine partners into clearer communication and deeper understanding of one another. And the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (for humans) and Equusology sorter (for horses) make the process fun and enlightening.

Written by Melisa Pearce and winner of 5 EVVY awards!


Touched by a Horse Story Collections

Equine Coaching Stories

Touched by a Horse Equine Coaching Stories feature stories from our coaches and their clients about the impact the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method has had on them.


Eponalisa — a story for all ages.

Why are you here? What were you born to do? And . . . how would you discover it? Riding her horse, Clarity, is Lisa's favorite activity. She wants her life to be built around horses, but her parents have other ideas,none of which appeal to Lisa. How does she know what direction is right for her? On one of her morning rides, Lisa encounters Epona, the Goddess of All Horses, and is offered the chance to provide a valuable service to the equine world.


Connect with your own inner Wisdom through guided meditation CDs

Wisdom's Journey to Abundance

Touched by a Horse has created a unique and effective way to create and discover areas of new abundance in your life. With regular use of this CD, the listener will hold more awareness of areas already filled with abundance and ways to develop and focus upon new streams of prosperity that are awaiting discovery. Forming meaningful intention, positive energy and possibility thought patterns, a new flow of abundance will pour forth.


Wisdom's Journey to the Chakras

 A Tool for Balancing Your Chakra Energy. Touched By A Horse has created a unique and simple tool for you to discover, cleanse, and balance your 7 energy power-centers called the Chakras. With regular use of this CD the listener will benefit from the improvement in the flow of their own energy. The benefit can be experienced through improved health, lessened stress, enhanced physical energy, and emotional well being that improves all relationships.


Wisdom's Journey to Your Personal Future

A Daily Tool for Manifesting Your Future. Touched By A Horse has created a unique and simple way for you to create and discover your magnificent future. With regular use of this CD the listener will entertain a more positive thought and energy with meaningful intention toward their life purpose and the life they were intended to live.


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