What the Heck is Gestalt

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Gestalt theory is about wholeness, but its complexity has perplexed many trying to understand and apply the concepts—until now. What the Heck Is Gestalt? is an accessible, practical look at Gestalt and its applications to everyday life from a longtime practitioner and the seminal leader in applying it to not only coaching, but equine partnered therapy and coaching. Melisa Pearce’s experiences, stories, and examples help make this a useable, friendly, and constructive guide to Gestalt that stands to improve your relationships . . . especially with yourself!

Self-Awareness and Peace Are Possible with the Wholeness that Is Gestalt!

Pearce’s work is reminiscent of Fritz Perls and his book Gestalt Therapy Verbatim. This candid examination of Gestalt seems to fulfill the author’s wish to take the “now” into the “next.” — Jaclyn S. Manzione, MS, EGCM Cert. and G. Thomas Manzione, PhD, PPC

Written with a deep sense of compassion and wisdom, Melisa Pearce has captured the essence of the dynamic and effective world of Gestalt. This is an essential text for every practitioner, from the novice to the expert, who is ready to open the treasure within Gestalt. — Dr. Myra Heckenlaible-Gotto, EdD, Gestalt Coach/Trainer/ Consultant, Founder, Crossing Life’s Bridges, LLC